And the winner of the all-Philly tourney is…

Harry Kalas! By a score of 58%-42%, Harry Kalas beat Bobby Clarke to win the All-Philly Tourney. Kalas worked his way through some easy competition in the BMac region until he faced Clarke of the Real Deal, taking him out in his closest match-up of the tourney. Congrats Harry and thanks to all who voted … Continue reading And the winner of the all-Philly tourney is…

The Phinal Two

And the results are in. The Phinal Phour pitted a pair of #1 seeds with Mike Schmidt taking on Bobby Clarke. It also featured a battle between two great Phillies broadcasters in Harry Kalas facing Richie Ashburn. The results in the Schmidt/Clarke matchup were very surprising as Clarke took 55.17% of the vote to win. On the other … Continue reading The Phinal Two

Why You Should Vote for Bobby Clarke

Yes, I realize this is a Phillies blog.  But that Bobby Clarke survived a region with the very popular Chase Utley, Claude Giroux and Brian Dawkins, as well as Philly legends such as Bill Barber and Charles Barkley, speaks to how important Clarke was. First and foremost, championships.  Clarke, the player, won two back to … Continue reading Why You Should Vote for Bobby Clarke

Vote for Mike Schmidt!

Michael Jack Schmidt. The greatest third baseman of all time. The man who carried the 1980 team to the franchise’s first championship. He is the greatest Philadelphia athlete of all time. Hitting 548 homers, hitting a solid .267 and averaging 107 RBIs over a course of a 162-game season, Schmidt is the best at what … Continue reading Vote for Mike Schmidt!

Why You Should Vote for Harry Kalas

Hello, Bmac here to tell you why you should vote for Harry Kalas in the Phinal Phour. Reasons why: Kalas was the voice of the Phillies for better half of 30 years (give or take a year). Not only that, he was the voice of NFL Films and Campbell’s Chunky Soups. I mean if that’s … Continue reading Why You Should Vote for Harry Kalas

The Road to the Phinal Phour

The all-Philly tourney is nearing it’s conclusion. With one #1 team eliminated and a wacky Final Four soon to be set, the final eight athletes/personalities will compete to become the greatest athlete in the history of Philadelphia. I asked myself one thing earlier today: Where the hell is the Phillie Phanatic? Yes, I know we … Continue reading The Road to the Phinal Phour