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Yayberry: Mayberry Jr Walks It Off In the 11th

Phillies OF John Mayberry Jr. hits a walk-off RBI single to left field in the Phillies 4-3 win over the Reds in 11 innings. (Photo by John Russo)

By Chris Bengel and John Russo

Phillies 4, Reds 3 (11 innings)
WP – Raul Valdes (3-2, 3.14)
LP – Alfredo Simon (2-2, 2.49)

PHILADELPHIA — Three times were a charm for the Phillies.

After failing to bring home the winning run in the 9th and 10th innings with runners in scoring positon, the Phillies sealed the deal in the 11th inning. With the bases loaded, John Mayberry Jr. hit a grounder in the gap between short stop and third to win the game for the Phillies, 4-3.

The RBI single finished off four unanswered runs that enabled the Phillies to  make the come-from-behind win.

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Phillies Trounced In Milwaukee

By Chris Bengel and John Russo

Brewers 6, Phillies 2
WP – Yovany Gallardo (12-8, 3.69)
LP – Vance Worley (6-8, 4.11)

MILWAUKEE — Fielding has never been Domonic Brown’s strong point and that was made evident again.

The Phillies right fielder made another mistake on a well-hit ball, factoring into a poor pitching night by Vance Worley as the Phillies dropped to the Brewers, 6-2.

Once again a ball hit in the direction of Brown set up a Phillies loss. Coming the day after Brown probably could have caught Corey Hart’s grand slam, he dropped a fly ball from Nyjer Morgan in the 4th inning that cost Vance Worley the early lead.

The Phillies got back to back doubles by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to lead off the 4th inning, giving the Phillies a 1-0 lead. Things were looking up but were quickly erased in the bottom half.

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Cliff Lee Placed On Waivers By Philadelphia Phillies, According To Report

By Matt Brigidi
Special to TTB
Editor of TCL Flyers

According to a report by Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, the Philadelphia Phillies have placed left-handed pitcher Cliff Lee on waivers and expect him to clear on Friday afternoon making him trade eligible. 

Due to the salary commitments owed to Lee over the next few seasons (three years, $87.5 million or potentially four years, $102.5 million to be exact), he is expected to clear without any issues.

In fact, the real issue with a potential trade involving the 33-year old pitcher is that the Phillies would likely be required to eat a chunk of his salary, something the organization is reportedly not interested in doing.

Of course, general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. also stated that the team had no interest in trading Lee (as recently as Thursday morning on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike In The Morning).

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Game 27: “Natitude!”: A Letter From @JWerthsBeard

More like @JWerthsGoatie, am I right?

With almost 6,000 followers on Twitter, @JWerthsBeard has catapulted itself into one of the most legendary sports Twitter accounts the last three years.

Born in 2010, The Beard was made present when Jayson Werth showed up to Phillies camp with a sweet beard that captivated Phillies fans.

The Beard kept its ties with the Philadelphia fanbase even after Werth signed with the Nationals. This is the second guest post from The Beard on TTB and much like the first, it’s a beauty.

DISCLAIMER: [@JWerthsBeard bio] The views & opinions expressed here do not reflect those held by Jayson Werth. I am just his beard. No matter the shape or size, 100% #bearditude.

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2012 TTB Staff Predictions

The 2012 baseball season is around the corner, and like a lot of people do, it’s prediction time! We did this last year and site founder John Russo won the prediction pool, which saw some sweet picks as well as some laughable busts.

This year, the American League is filled to the brim with talent, boasting five teams that could easily take the pennant. The National League doesn’t have a clear favorite either, but that’s because last year’s top teams lost some key talent and opened the doors for a few other teams to compete.

Questions asked heading into this season include:

Will Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder put their new teams over the top? Can the Phillies get by losing Ryan Howard and Chase Utley for an extended period of time? Who will win the NL Central?

So the TTB staff of got together to make their preseason picks of division winners and annual awards. A few didn’t submit theirs yet and I’ll give them a week to think before I close off the predictions. Enjoy!

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Season Preview: NL Central

Co-written by John Russo and Chris Bengel

Expectations: No Pujols, no problem…. wait, you mean we have to rely on Matt Holliday now? Oh crap!
Key Addition: OF Carlos Beltran (signed from San Francisco)
Key Loss: 1B Albert Pujols (signed with LA Angels)
Projected Record: 90-72
Summary: St. Louis knows they lost a huge bat in Albert Pujols to the Angels. They also know they are expecting a lot out of Lance Berkman to have a repeat performance of last season as well as Matt Holliday to be the leader of the offense.

That is why St. Louis brought in Carlos Beltran to take some of the strain off Holliday and Berkman this season, hoping the 34-year-old can stay healthy and revive his career in St. Louis.

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2012 Division Previews [Sticky]

Stay tuned as we preview all six divisions in Major League Basbeball.

American League: East (3/28), Central (3/29), West (3/30)
National League: East (3/31), Central (4/1), West (4/2)

Guest Post: An early look at the 2012 Phillies

By Chad Flood
Special to TTB

Chad Flood is a regular poster on the Dave Matthews Ban fan forum, Flood is an avid poster in the sports forums, mainly the Philadelphia Phillies thread. He’s just another fan like the rest of us who wants to talk about his beloved Fightin’ Phils.

Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels. (AP Photo/Paul J. Bereswill)

Just because the 2011 edition of the Philadelphia Phillies are in the midst of another successful campaign — one that will hopefully take us on a journey into the early days of November — doesn’t mean we can’t take a moment to consider the future of our Fightins.

Much has been discussed in recent weeks about what may happen next season, with a couple big name players slotted to enter the free agent pool.

In a recent interview with 97.5 The Fanatic, Jimmy Rollins made it clear that he didn’t believe in the mythical “hometown discount” (going so far as to suggest he’ll be looking for a 5-year deal), and Cole Hamels is throwing his way to a nice paycheck for next year and beyond. Thanks to the good folks over at Cot’s Baseball Contracts, we can start to formulate a vision for next season.

At the moment, 11 current players are guaranteed a combined $112,903,000 in 2012:

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A letter from Jayson Werth’s beard

By now I’m sure all of you are aware of one of the greatest accounts on Twitter, @JWerthsBeard. And if not, you must be living under a rock.

But that’s okay. After the Phillies sweep of the Nationals and Jayson Werth’s return to Philadelphia, his Beardedness decided to address the fans.

DISCLAIMER: [@JWerthsBeard bio] The views & opinions expressed on this twitter do not reflect those held by Jayson Werth. I am just his beard.

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