UPDATE: Halladay Will Make Next Start

Roy Halladay’s last start posed the question yesterday on whether or not he should be shut down for his final two starts of the season.

After the speculation, the Phillies will not shut down Halladay and he is in line to make his next start Thursday against Washington in the Phillies final home game. Halladay suffered spasms on Friday before his start on Saturday in which Halladay lasted less than two innings in an 8-2 loss to the Braves.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro said Halladay was experiencing “tightness in his mid-to-upper back.”

“It’s taken a little bit of a toll on him,” Amaro said. “We’ll talk to the doctors today or tomorrow to see if we’re risking any injury.”

As far as an advantage to shutting down Halladay there doesn’t seem to be any. It would only add two extra weeks to a long off season in which Halladay is sure to do some extra training to prepare himself for next season.

“We’ll talk to the doctors and see if there is benefit,” Amaro said. “We haven’t made any decisions any way or another.”

Halladay suffered his worse season since 2004 with his 10-8 record and 4.40 ERA.


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