Brown Injures Knee In Loss; Says He’s Fine

PHILADELPHIA — Domonic Brown left at the start of the 10th inning of the Phillies 9-5 10-inning loss to the Mets on Tuesday due to a sore knee.

After the game, Brown said his knee was a little sore, and that he is fine.

“I really don’t know – I didn’t feel too bad at all,” Brown said after the game. “They asked me if I was all right. I said, ‘Yeah.’ Maybe they thought I was fibbing to them. But I feel like I’m all right, able to play.”

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel had a little bit of a different story to tell about Brown’s knee. Manuel said Brown told him his knee was bothering him, especially when after going for a ball in the corner earlier in the game.

“He told us he was ready to go Sunday, told us he was ready to go today and then when he ran for the ball in the corner, his knee was bothering him evidently. That’s what he said,” Manuel told reporters.

Brown was in the lineup for the first time since Saturday due to his sore knee. The left knee had bothered Brown all season, even when he was with Lehigh earlier this season.

It isn’t known if Brown will play tomorrow night. Juan Pierre had the night off so he may find himself in tomorrow’s lineup playing left field.

Brown was 0-for-4 in the loss.


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