Phillies Trounced In Milwaukee

By Chris Bengel and John Russo

Brewers 6, Phillies 2
WP – Yovany Gallardo (12-8, 3.69)
LP – Vance Worley (6-8, 4.11)

MILWAUKEE — Fielding has never been Domonic Brown’s strong point and that was made evident again.

The Phillies right fielder made another mistake on a well-hit ball, factoring into a poor pitching night by Vance Worley as the Phillies dropped to the Brewers, 6-2.

Once again a ball hit in the direction of Brown set up a Phillies loss. Coming the day after Brown probably could have caught Corey Hart’s grand slam, he dropped a fly ball from Nyjer Morgan in the 4th inning that cost Vance Worley the early lead.

The Phillies got back to back doubles by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to lead off the 4th inning, giving the Phillies a 1-0 lead. Things were looking up but were quickly erased in the bottom half.

With a pair of runners on base for the Brewers, Morgan hit a fly ball to deep right center. The ball hit off the heel of Brown’s glove, falling to the ground while the right fielder slammed into the wall and was shaken up. Two runs scored on the play, which was ruled a triple by the score keepers, and the Brewers took a 2-1 lead.

Two batters later pitcher Yovany Gallardo hit a parachute into right field to score two more runs, giving himself a comfortable lead on the Phillies, 4-1. A two-run homer by Ryan Braun in the 6th off B.J. Rosenberg opened the game open to give the Brewers a comfortable 6-1 lead.

Gallardo dominated through seven, allowing a run on four hits and two walks while striking out nine.

2B: Utley (6), Howard (4), Nix (7).



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