Galvis Reinstated; May Not Play With Phils This Season

The 50-game suspension has ended for Galvis, but his season may still be done.

Galvis, who was also sidelined with a fractured back, may not play baseball for the remainder of the season. Galvis has been instructed to not play in any game activity until September 3, and by then, he probably won’t be prepared for a return.

And because the Minor League system ends, the next baseball action Galvis sees could be in the fall instructional league in his home country of Venezuela. He figures to have a spot on the roster next year, likely as a back up middle infielder to spell both Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley.

On the season, he hit .226 with 15 doubles, three homers and 24 RBIs in 58 games this season.

Galvis lost $133,000 in salary this season from the suspension.


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