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Talks Between Phillies, Cole Hamels Intensifies

The Phillies want Cole Hamels.

They want to sign Hamels so bad that the Phillies, ”are really not even entertaining (trade) offers at this point,” according to a source of Jayson Stark’s. Their goal is to sign Hamels before the July 31 deadline.

More from Stark:

Another source said the Phillies are now willing to sign Hamels to a six-year contract, a first for any starting pitcher in club history. For months, length of contract has been the No. 1 sticking point in the negotiations. The Phillies initially offered Hamels a four-year extension last offseason, but they came to the conclusion they had no alternative but to soften that stance as Hamels draws closer to becoming a free agent this fall.

Stark added that the five-year, $112.5 million extension the San Francisco Giants have Matt Cain is a benchmark number in Hamels’ value. Jim Salisbury of CSN said that the Phillies are looking to use Cliff Lee’s deal as the blue print in signing Hamels.

On Monday, Jon Morosi of FOX said the Phils were looking to offer Hamels a contract worth $120 million but executives believed it isn’t enough. But today, Dave Murphy of the Daily News tweeted that the Phillies could offer a deal similar to what the Yankees gave C.C. Sabbathia: six years and $138 million.

We’ll keep you updated the best we can.


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