Stark: Phillies To Make Substantial Offer to Cole Hamels

Phillies SP Cole Hamels pitches in the All-Star Game this past Tuesday. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

According to a report by ESPN’s Jayson Stark, the Phillies are readying a nice offer to soon-to-be free agent starter Cole Hamels.

Hamels is expecting to make some big money this offseason and the Phillies do not want to see the future of their rotation pitch for another team. In order to prevent that, they are preparing themselves to give Hamels a contract that will be one of the richest in team history.

Though the report via Stark says the Phils are working on something, both general manager Ruben Amaro and Hamels’ agent John Boggs declined to comment on any contract negotiations with Stark.

Both sides, including Hamels himself, have been very good in keeping things hush about the conversations for a new deal. The only information Stark really has is from an unnamed executive, the best word everyone will get until something actually happens.

“They’re trying to sign him,” said one of those executives. “And they think it’s going to happen. At least that’s what I was told.”

One of Hamels’ unnamed teammates chimed in on everything.

“If Cole has his way,” Hamels’ friend said, “he’ll wait ’till the end of the year, go out there and see what he’s worth and then ask the Phillies, ‘OK, what do YOU think I’m worth?'”

Hamels has stated a few times, and hinted in others, that he wants to see his market value but wants to play for the Phillies if he had a choice. He even sited one of his heros, Tony Gwynn, for his ability to stick with the San Diego Padres his entire career as something Hamels would like to do.

“I grew up watching Tony Gwynn being a Padre forever. That says something about a person if they’re able to do that. I know it’s very hard in this day and age. It’s something I grew up watching and hope to be able to emulate that. It’s up to both sides to be able to do it.”

Hamels wants to win, and the Phillies are still built to be a contender for the next couple of years, give or take a few changes centered around their core.

If the two parties see eye-to-eye, expect Hamels to fulfill what Gwynn did with San Diego.


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