Phillies Victorino Scratched From Start

PHILADELPHIA — Prior to the Phillies 4-3 loss to the Braves, centerfielder Shane Victorino was a late scratch from the lineup.

Victorino, hitting seventh in the lineup originally, was replaced by Jason Pridie, who had a pair of hits including a two-run homer and RBI double that drove in all three of the Phillies runs.

According to a tweet by Rob Parent of the DelCo Times, Victorino threw a temper tantrum because of his spot in the lineup.

This has been a frustrating year for everyone: fans, front office, coaches and most importantly the fans. But this type of behavior is unacceptable and it’s why Victorino’s name has been linked in various trade talks as the July 31 deadline draws near.

Victorino is having the worst season of his nine-year career, hitting .245 with eight homers, 37 RBIs and a career-low .311 OBP.


2 thoughts on “Phillies Victorino Scratched From Start

  1. michael

    I don’t get it. Shane victorino gets moved down to the 7 spot but he has better numbers than the leadoff man and he still has the lead off spot.Charlie doesn’t touch jimmie he has repeatedly cost philles games this year swinging at 3-o pitches and popping up and again last night 2-0 pitch and can’t hold up a swing and goes 2-1 count and the pitcher has walked two right in front of him. I mean are you kidding.If jimmie is one of the leaders of this team then make him accountable for his actions I mean the pop-up in the infield
    .The Phillies have a 350 hitter sitting on the bench and he is the one that should be hitting leadoff. so if charlie is going to make a statment,how about stating in the leadoff spot

    1. Victorino is not a good lead-off hitter. As for Juan Pierre leading off, that’s a whole different argument that I believe should be addressed. Pierre should be leading off and Jimmy hitting 6/7

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