Game 27: “Natitude!”: A Letter From @JWerthsBeard

More like @JWerthsGoatie, am I right?

With almost 6,000 followers on Twitter, @JWerthsBeard has catapulted itself into one of the most legendary sports Twitter accounts the last three years.

Born in 2010, The Beard was made present when Jayson Werth showed up to Phillies camp with a sweet beard that captivated Phillies fans.

The Beard kept its ties with the Philadelphia fanbase even after Werth signed with the Nationals. This is the second guest post from The Beard on TTB and much like the first, it’s a beauty.

DISCLAIMER: [@JWerthsBeard bio] The views & opinions expressed here do not reflect those held by Jayson Werth. I am just his beard. No matter the shape or size, 100% #bearditude.

Greetings from first place!

Well, the series we have all been looking forward to is finally here. I hope you are all doing well. Although I only experienced losing for one season I know that being towards the bottom of the standings can be rough. But hey, at least you are not the Marlins!

It’s an exciting time in Natstown right now. The entire rotation has been stellar, and Bryce Harper is already showing why he was one of baseball’s most hyped prospects. The first place record hasn’t come easy, however, with the injuries to Michael Morse and Ryan Zimmerman creating holes in the lineup, and injuries to Drew Storen and Brad Lidge impacting the team’s closing situation. The Phillies have had their fair share of injuries as well, so it says a lot about both teams that they’ve been able to hang in there for the most part. (Except we’re in first place, so…  NEENER NEENER NEENER!)  While this series is sure to be a great one, I look forward to when we play again later in the year when both teams are finally healthy (and I am back to a full beard). On a personal note, my owner is also rebounding nicely from last season, and it appears as though the slumpage of 2011 has been passed on to Albert Pujols!

For anyone traveling down this weekend, I do hope you have fun, but please be nice, and as the great Mayor Nutter once said, “Don’t be a jackass!”  For real.

With Natitude,
Beard of Jayson Werth of the first place Washington Nationals

P.S.  Everytime a fan yells “Werthless,” a puppy goes blind.  Think of the puppies!


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