Blanton Shuts Out Braves

Phillies SP Joe Blanton threw his first complete game shut out in nearly five years. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

28 runs were scored between the Phillies and Braves last night. This afternoon: Only four.

All four runs belonged to the Phillies, who backed Joe Blanton’s best pitching performance of the season as the Phillies won, 4-0. They took two of three games from the Braves, gaining ground in the standings as they prepare themselves for their first series against the Nationals of the season.

Blanton threw only 88 pitches for his first complete game since July 3, 2007 and his first shut out since June 2, 2007. He allowed only three hits, striking out six.

Six of the nine innings Blanton pitched were 1-2-3 innings.

The Phils scored right away in the first inning, playing some more small ball. Jimmy Rollins led off with a bloop single and Juan Pierre bunted his way on. Rollins then advanced to third on a Shane Victorino fly out and scored on a sacrifice fly from Hunter Pence for a quick 1-0 lead.

That was all Blanton needed, who made the Braves offense that tapped Roy Halladay for eight runs look rather foolish. Blanton faced four batters in an inning only twice all game.

The Phillies added some insurance via the longball.

In the 7th inning, the Phils made it 2-0 on a long solo home run by Laynce Nix to dead center, his second of the season. The in the 9th, Victorino ripped a two-run blast to right field, his team-high fifth of the season.

Randall Delgado was fantastic for the Braves too. He entered the game with a 6.30 ERA and held the Phillies to only two runs through eight innings.

The Phillies evened themselves back up to .500 and are only 2.5 games behind the Braves for second and a half-game behind the Mets for third.

2B: Pence (5). HR: Nix (2), Victorino (5).

WP: Blanton (3-3). LP: Delgado (2-3).


14 thoughts on “Blanton Shuts Out Braves

  1. Love Your Movies

    OK Im done. I thought u were like a real journalist but your article just said they won 2-0 and you used the term both runs. they won 4-0. I don’t mind reading the enemies articles even after a loss if they are well written and intelligent. But these articles are written by one of the typical Philly idiots who probably booed their best player Mike Schmidt and Santa Claus and likes to throw batteries at players. I hate the Yankees but at least their fans are intelligent. Just bad journalism. After you win 9 more divisions just to TIE the Braves record then you call yourselves the team to beat.

    1. It was a typo because I started writing when it was 2-0 and forgot to change it. Mistakes happen, especially when there isn’t anyone to proof read stuff. I’m a one-man show trying to keep my writing skills active while I search for a job.

      I’m truly sorry if that offended you. I welcome any readership, especially from rival fans. I hope you return for the next series.

    2. albert

      I touch myself at night too.

      1. Love Your Movies

        most philly fans do cuz no one else will

      2. albert

        Better than touching your mom.

  2. Love Your Movies

    HAHA that makes no sense!! You are the poster child for the city of Philly

    1. albert

      Maybe I am just a poster on the wall. Who says I’m real?

      1. Love Your Movies

        sounds like I got the child part right

      2. albert

        Why, are you into children? 😉

  3. Love Your Movies

    wow u have a sick mind. pedophiles is one more reason to hate philly

    1. albert

      I am not from Philadelphia and how could I be one if I am one?

      1. albert

        a child I mean.

      2. Love Your Movies

        So ur just a messed up kid? that explains touching urself. ur poor parents. prolly wish they gave u away

      3. albert

        Everyone touches themselves.

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