Horst can’t hold extra-innings lead

–Even the guy in charge of the stadium music needs Spring Training.–

Domonic Brown was having a helluva bad game defensively in left field. Clearly frustrated again this spring with the high expectations people have for him, he was able to shake off the doubt in timely fashion.

With the scored locked 3-3 heading into the 10th, and most likely final inning, Brown crushed a ball into the wind for a tie-breaking home run with one out. The Phillies tacked on one more and it looked like Brown was going to be a Spring Training hero.

But Jeremy Horst decided to fail probably his only test as a closer, blowing a two-run lead in the bottom half, ultimately giving up the game-winning three-run homer to Brian Bixler as the Astros won, 6-5 at their own complex.

But Horst’s bad pitch aside, it didn’t erase what Brown was able to do at the plate. For it is the plate where Brown’s high expectations come from and not his glove.

Brown finished the day 2-for-5 with the home run in the 10th inning. In the field, Brown was credited for a throwing error on a ball that missed the cut-off man and he also took a poor route to a ball.

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