Happy trails, D League

Over a year ago, I got in contact with Patrick Gallagher, a radio guy out in Phoenix. But unlike the dry heat out west, Patrick was full of color and character, like you’d expect from any Philadelphia fan.

Patrick, born and raised in the Philly area, went out west to chase a radio dream. He’s still living that dream.

But like many dreams being chased, there are certain levels and check points in life that we come across. For Patrick, the D League was one of them and I am damn proud to say I was a part of that.

Today, that chapter of Patrick’s dream (and part of mine as well) has come to an end. The D League is no more as well all are off to better our own careers.

Patrick asked me to be the MLB columnist for the site that he and Jack Bevenour  ran as a tag-along to their internet radio show. The two based the show out of a home studio in Arizona, bringing you a crystal clear feed you don’t get from other online podcasts hosted on sites such as Blog Talk Radio.

They, or should I say, we were legit. We were fully functioning, classy (and sometimes classless) but raw. You got professionalism mixed with what we all really were: sports fans.

Myself and Kyle Madson (@MadSports8) did the dirty work in print. We wrote some fun columns, including my Super Bowl commercials piece that Patrick and Jack ripped mercilessly on air the following week. But it was fun and that’s what this gig is all really about.

In Patrick’s farewell post, he stated how the end came about:

I was offered an opportunity within radio that I could not turn down…yes, a once in a lifetime opportunity. The gig required that I move from Phoenix and the home base of The D League studios to Prescott, AZ, about 90 minutes north.

For a few months afterwards, Jack and I tried to figure out how to do the show with the same audio quality that we were able to deliver from the home studio. However, due to time constraints and more, we just could not get it done.

It was tough when this happened. I went back to Team to Beat as well as pursuing my path in journalism, Kyle went on to do his own thing and Jack and Patrick tried to figure out how the D League would survive.

But maybe it’s best this way. Maybe we just need a little break to pursue our own dreams. I’ll never forget working with those three.

Kyle: It was great blogging along side of you. You’re the most diehard A’s fan I know (well the only one) and your willingness to put up with a small market team is admirable. One day Billy Beane will beat the system buddy, one day.

Jack: You’re a great dude. Man I will never forget the stories about what your kid always said, especially “hide yo kids, hide yo wife.” And you boast one of the best handles on Twitter (@DawkBlitz).

Patrick: You gave me an opportunity to branch out and do something different. I had a helluva time writing for the D League and I will never forget the stories I did for you. I’ll always keep in touch and good luck with everything in Prescott, AZ.

And to you guys, check out some of my best work with the D League:
Expanding the MLB Playoffs
One stood tall through the steroids
Cliff Lee: Philadelphia’s favorte son has returned
For money or love of the game

Oh, and as Patrick wrote in the bottom of the farewell post: “Just like Jordan, we may come back with the 4-5…”


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