Former Phillies announcer Musser dies

Photo courtesy of Bella Online.

Longtime Phillies broadcaster Andy Musser has died at the age of 74, reported Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Musser spent 26 years in the Phillies broadcast booth, sitting along side legendary deceased announcers Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn between 1976 and 2001.

Musser was believed to have missed only two games of announcing in that span, both due to laryngitis. Musser also announced Philadelphia Eagles and 76ers games in his career.

Musser retired from broadcasting in 2001.

According to Phillies Nation, they posted a video in 2009 with Musser, who had begun working for Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. It was well known by then that Musser had a love for beer.

Here is another nice article on Musser and his love for beer and working with Anchor Brewing.


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