Winter Classic today at 3:00

Phillies fans, if you really want to see Citizens Bank Park filled with your fellow brethren, check out NBC today at 3 PM.

The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers will turn one of America’s most beautiful baseball parks into an outdoor hockey barn for one day.

The Classic will showcase Philadelphia as a fervent hockey town, a diehard sports town and a great city overall.

For a preview of today’s game, check out Larry D’Angelo’s (@Wrectangled) post up on The Checking Line – Flyers Edition.

If you’re not out there freezing your butt off, sit at home, crack open a few beers and enjoy one of the most incredible rivalries in the NHL.

It’s New York/North Jersey vs Philly/South Jersey; cheesecakes vs cheesesteaks; Rangers vs Flyers.


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