Rule 5 Draft, 2011

The Rule 5 draft is very simple: certain players signed at 18 or 19 are available to be picked up by other teams when they are left off the 40-man roster with at least four or five years within the organization.

This year, the Phillies decided not to make a pick in the draft. To them, there were no “Shane Victorino’s” hovering around this year.

Fearful of losing Jiwan James, they were lucky that he was not picked. James is 24 and hasn’t gotten past single-A ball yet. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player but teams see slow progress as a problem.

The Phillies did see a couple prospects picked.

In the Single-A phase, the Chicago Cubs took right handed pitcher Lendy Castillo. Castillo was a converted short stop and is a very raw talent.

In the Triple-A phase, the Phillies lost left-hander Andrew Loomis, third baseman Travis Mattair and catcher Francisco Diaz. The Phillies also made $86,000 in cash for the four prospects lost.


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