Phils offer arbitration to Madson, Rollins, Ibanez

In a move to get compensation for possibly losing three crucial free agents this off season, the Phillies offered arbitration to closer Ryan Madson, short stop Jimmy Rollins and left fielder Raul Ibanez.

All three have until December 7 to accept or decline the arbitration. If they accept, they will sign a one-year deal with the dollar amount determined through arbitration. If they decline and sign elsewhere, the Phillies will be compensated for the loss.

Both Rollins and Madson are considered elite free agents. If they sign elsewhere, the Phillies will receiver two picks: one being a sandwich pick, and the other depending on where the signing team’s first-round selection falls – if it’s a top 15 pick, the Phils get a 2nd rounder. If it’s below, the Phils get that pick. In this case, they’d hope a good team signs one of the free agents.

With the Phillies signing Jonathan Papelbon last week, it looks like the Phils will be getting compensation from Madson, who will be seeking a nice pay day elsewhere.

Rollins is a different story as the Phils hope to sign the veteran short stop. He will likely decline the arbitration as well but the Phils would still attempt to resign him to a deal close to the five years he’s seeking. If they don’t sign him, they get compensation.

The interesting player offered arbitration is Ibanez. He made $12 million last year. If he accepts, he could see money similar to that.

But as Todd Zolecki wrote on, it’s believed Ibanez told the Phils to offer him arbitration so he could decline in order for the Phils to gain compensation which would be a sandwich pick in between the first and second round.

Both starting pitcher Roy Oswalt and relief pitcher Brad Lidge were not offered arbitration. It is believed Lidge could be back for much less money to provide depth in the bull pen.

It is also believed Oswalt won’t be a Phillie next season unless he takes less money.


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