Tallying the TTB preseason predictions

If you guys remember, back in April, a majority of the TTB staff submitted their preseason predictions for the season.

The predictions consisted of division winners, Wild Cards, LCS and World series winners, and MVP, Cy Young, Manager of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year winners for each league. With the latter five being recently named, we have figured out a grading system for each category.

1 point for every division winner
2 points for every LCS winner
3 points for the World Series winner
0-5 grading system for each of the five individual awards (0=awful; 5=correct)

So here are the results from back in March:

Division and Wild Card winners: Roose (4/8); Dan (3/8); Ickey (2/8); BMac (2/8); Jacobs (1/8); Natch (3/8); Stacks (2/8)

LCS and WS: This was hysterical to look at because everyone picked the Red Sox or Phillies to win the World Series and either the Phils, Red Sox or Giants to win their LCS’. The Cardinals topped the Rangers in 7 games. Zero points around!

MVP: Justin Verlander shocked the baseball world, becoming the first pitcher in two decades to win the MVP, doing so in the American League. The NL’s winner wasn’t a shocker at all with Ryan Braun edging out Matt Kemp.

Roose: Votto/Cano (5); Dan: Fielder/A Gonzalez (8); Ickey: Pujols/A Gonzalez (7); BMac: Francisco/Hamilton (3); Jacobs: Heyward/Ichiro (2); Natch: Pujols/A Gonzalez (7); Stacks: Votto/Hamilton (5)

Fielder, A Gonzalez (4), Pujols, Hamilton, Cano (3), Votto, Ichiro (2), Heyward, Francisco (0)

Cy Young: To no shock, the American League winner was Detroit’s Justin Verlander, who also took home the MVP. After winning the National League pitching Triple Crown, LA’s Clayton Kershaw came out on top for the NL.

Roose: Grienke/Lester (6); Dan: Halladay/Hernadez (6); Ickey: Halladay/Lester (7); BMac: Halladay/Lester (7); Jacobs: Hamels/Sabbathia (8); Natch: Lee/Lester (7); Stacks: Hamels/Hernandez (6)

Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Sabbathia (4), Grienke, Lester (3), Hernandez (2).

Manger: Tampa Bay’s Joe Maddon, after leading his team to an incredible come back to knock the Red Sox out of the playoffs, was baseball’s choice for the American League award. For the National League, rookie manager Kirk Gibson led the Diamondbacks to an unlikely post season berth.

Roose Tracy/Maddon (7); Dan: F Gonzalez/Guillen (5); Ickey: Gonzalez/Geren (3); BMac: Manuel/Geren (4); Jacobs: Baker/Fracona (3); Natch: Gonzalez/Francona (6); Stacks: Manuel/Guillen (6)

Maddon (5), Manuel (4), Gonzalez, Francona (3), Tracy, Guillen (2), Geren, Baker (0)

Rookie: Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel and Tampa Bay’s Jeremy Hellickson won the NL and AL Rookie of the Year awards respectively.

Roose: Freeman/Hellickson (9); Dan: Chapman/Moustakas (4); Ickey: Freeman/Moustakas (6); BMac: D Brown/Nishioka (2); Jacobs: Harper/Drabek (1); Natch: D Brown/Drabek (2); Stacks: Mayberry/Hellickson (8)

Hellickson (5), Freeman (4), Mayberry (3), Moustakas, Chapman (2), Nishioka, Drabek, Brown (1), Harper (0).

Comeback: St. Louis’ Lance Berkman and Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury each enjoyed fantastic returns. Berkman was delegated to a bench role with the Yankees and Ellsbury was injured last season.

Roose: C Jones/M Ramirez (4); Dan: Bay/Sizemore (2); Ickey: C Jones/Pena (8); BMac: Rollins/Roberts (3); Jacobs: C Jones/Burnett (6); Natch: F Rodriguez/Burnett (5); Stacks: Rollins/M Ramirez (3)

C Jones, Pena (4), Rollins, F Rodriguez (3), Burnett (2), Sizemore, Bay (1), Roberts, M Ramirez (0)

After the results were tallied, here is the winner!

Drum roll………………


Here are the standings:

Roose: 35
Dan: 28
Ickey: 33
BMac: 21
Jacobs: 21
Natch: 30
Stacks: 30


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