Brewers have Rollins on their radar

It isn’t surprising the Brewers are in need of a short stop.

It also isn’t surprising that one of the short stops they are interested in so happens to be Jimmy Rollins. Fortunately for Phils fans, Rollins isn’t the only short stop on the Brewers radar but you’d have to think he’s high on the list.

As I wrote a couple weeks ago, I felt the Brewers were going to make strong pushes for New York Mets’ star short stop Jose Reyes and Rollins this off season so it’s not a surprise that they could “settle” with Rollins when Reyes fell out of their price range.

Milawaukee has also been looking at Clint Barmes and Rafael Furcal as cheaper options as well as Yuniesky Batencourt, who was the Brewers short stop last season.

Rollins is looking for a five-year deal and it’s been reported that no team has made that offer yet nor has any interest in making that offer, including Milwaukee. It’s still believed that Rollins will be back in Philadelphia for a term shorter than five years.


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  1. […] of the teams still standing in the way of re-signing Rollins is Milwaukee, who are also in need of an offense and defensive short stop. Jose Reyes is seemingly out of their […]

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