Phils re-introduce Jim Thome

Thome adresses the media. (Screen grab from

At 3:30 ET, the Phils re-introduced former slugger Jim Thome to their team.

In the presser, he talked about how quick the Phils called him, playing under Charlie Manuel once again, playing first and pinch hitting.

Dressed in a dapper suit, Thome had a smile on his face throughout most of the press conference. The joy of returning to the Phillies, especially with the fact they have become one of baseball’s elite franchises since Thome’s departure in 2005, was expressed early in the conference

“It really surprised me that my phone rang that quick,” Thome said, who was signed only a couple days into the free agency period.

Thome talked about having the chance to play in Philadelphia twice, going into how it’s an honor to cycling back to clubs that he’s been a part of before.

“I’ve been blessed to be given that chance a couple different times,” he said.

Thome also was a Cleveland Indian twice when he was traded their last season.

Thome hinted at getting to play some first base this upcoming season with the Phillies. He knows it’s a challenge to play first, a position he only played once since 2007.

Thome's jersey hangs up next to the podium before the press conference. (Photo tweeted by Kevin Cooney)

“Getting an opportunity to prepare all winter will help,” he added.

The questions finally turned towards his manager, whom Thome has idolized like a father more so than a coach.

“Charlie and I have had great talks, we’ve been friends for a long time… One of the great gifts he has is his communication, not with just me but with everyone he coaches. He’s a winner… be breathes confidence into his hitters.”

Longer quotes to possibly come when they are made available during the day.

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