2011 Moment: #7 Hunter Pence Trade

(AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

Some say that July 29th should be a holiday for the Philadelphia Phillies franchise.

It was on that day in 2009 that the Phillies acquired Cliff Lee from the Indians. On July 29th 2010, the Philadelphia Phillies added another Ace to their staff, Roy Oswalt from the Houston Astros.

One year later, Philadelphia was astonished one more time. On July 29th 2011, the Phillies acquired right fielder Hunter Pence in a trade. He was traded from the Houston Astros for pitcher Jarred Cosart, first baseman Jonathon Singleton,  pitcher Josh Zeid and a player to be named later.

Hunter Pence brought a youthful and fresh look to the Phillies line up. He added protection for Ryan Howard and fit right in with the team. Not only did he fit in with the team from the start, but also the fans. Philadelphia fell in love with Hunter Pence the day he put on the red and white pinstripes.

As Phillies injuries piled up over the season, Pence was valuable because he easily adjusted to being shuffled around in the line up. With a .314 average, Pence had 22 home runs and 97 RBIs.

Pence’s personality also was a big reason he was a fan favorite. From his post game quotes to his twitter account, there was a never a dull moment.

The love affair seemed to start when Pence scored a game winning run and coined his quote, “Good game; let’s go eat.”  The infamous catchphrase was made into t-shirts and Pence sported one during an MLB Network interview.

Pence (@HunterPence3) often took to Twitter to interact with his fans. He was one of the first Phillies to use this social media. Since then, other Phillies players like Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino and Vance Worley have also taken to Twitter to socialize with fans.

When Hunter Pence was acquired, he was supposed to be just a bat in the Phillies line up, but he turned out to be so much more.


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