Rollins: “Good chance” he’s back with Phils

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

It certainly wasn’t the same atmosphere as this press conference a year ago was last year with Jayson Werth.

And to the Phils, that is an incredible good thing for them and their chances of keeping their 12-year short stop Jimmy Rollins.

At noon, the Phils held a press conference with Rollins, who was immediately greeted with the big question.: How do you value your situation with the Phillies and what’s important to you?

“Well obviously winning is always number one,” Rollins said to the media. “We’ve only won one championship so far. Maybe two less than I would have liked… What’s important: being the leader – always inspiring my teammates, finding a way to win and obviously my performance.”

But after that, Rollins was straight forward about where we wants to play next year and said he felt there was “a good chance” that a deal with the Phillies could be reached.

He also expressed that he can’t really imagine himself wearing another team’s jersey but hinted that his mom’s skin has a little “orange” in it (Rollins is from Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco).

Rollins does want an offer from the Phillies and he would ignore other options if the offer from the Phils, “was great for both sides,” making it “a no-brainer.”

That deal is a five-year deal. But Rollins would take something less with a 5th year option, but his option.

“If I was older, I would take a shorter term,” said Rollins. “‘I will be 33 by the time I get the contract which means I’ll still have a good six years left to perform at a high level, maybe even more.”

Right after Rollins spoke, Ruben Amaro Jr. took the podium and discussed Ryan Howard, making changes and Rollins.

But Amaro wouldn’t discuss how they were gonna go about negotiating with Rollins but did express that he’s aware Rollins wants to return and that he does love this organization. Amaro also said there is no question the Phillies want Rollins back but it’s a matter if they “get to the finish line” with a contract.

Amaro still thinks Rollins can be an incredibly valuable asset to the Phils, especially defensively and as a leader in the clubhouse.

“It’s hard to argue that he still has the offensive ability to do those things, partly because of his health,” said Amaro. “But there is no doubt in my mind he is still one of the elite short stops in the game, defensively. That is probably the most important element Jimmy brings, that along with his personality.”


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