A reminder: There is a lot of “Good in Sports”

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a sports blog. This site was more than just a sports news and opinion blog like the one you see here. This site features the wonderful things athletes do.

There are a lot of things that get lost in the steroids, college scandals, financial problems and anything else that gets the lions share of focus on sports. One is the good in sports.

“The Good In Sports” is a non-profit organization that shows the positives in sports, reminding people that it’s just a game and that these athletes, or “Gods among men” that they have been advertised as, are people too.

The mission of The Good in Sports is to educate the public about the positive influence athletics
has on the community and encourage, promote and engage in philanthropic activities in
professional and collegiate athletics. The organization believes in highlighting the many ways
coaches, athletes and teams give back, providing an alternative, more uplifting perspective on
sports news than is normally reported, while promoting positive role models for our youth.

The website was the brainchild of Joe Chapman, a Florida native, sports fanatic and diehard San
Francisco Giants fan, who became disheartened by all of the bad publicity and negative news
stories about athletics dominating the internet. Seeing the need for a different spin and more
uplifting voice in sports news, Chapman set out to bring a new prospective to sports media.

“A vast majority of sports-related websites focus on the negative aspects of sports,” said
Chapman. “The world needs more positivity and children need role models. Hopefully this
organization will help provide both.”

You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Read their website for a handful of articles, including one highlighting a Braves fan with Down Syndrome and another on Albert Pujols’ family charity.



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