Philly honors Kruk

John Kruk (right) with Mitch Williams in the background. (Ed Hille/Philly inquirer)

The Phillies honored one of their legends tonight. John Kruk, famous for his antics on and off the field more so than being a career .300 hitter, was inducted into the Phillies Wall of Fame.

Kruk joined his 1993 teammate Darren Daulton. Both were members of possibly the most loved team that didn’t win it all in Philadelphia history.

“We killed a lot of brain cells. And you all were right there with us and killed a bunch too,” Kruk said during his speech.

Before Krukker was introduced, Phillies public address man Dan Baker announced to the crowd some of the current members of the Phillies Wall of Fame. They included Jim Bunning, Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt and Kruk’s teammate Daulton among others. Phillies third base coach Juan Samuel was also a part of the past inductees on stage.

Video of Darren Daulton being awesome after the jump

Kruk’s speech included the previous quote and a remark on the players and media who complained about playing Philadelphia (looking at you, Billy Wagner):

“You hear players, media people say it’s tough to play in Philly in front of these fans. To those people I say, you didn’t have the guts to succeed here.

Darren Daulton introduces Kruk, telling a humorous story about Krukker and his love for beer, pizza and “heaters.” Video courtesy of Crossing Broad.

If we find a full transcript or video of Kruk’s speech, it will get posted here.

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