A Wednesday blog stroll

It’s hump day. And hump days suck.

The middle of the week is always boring and I have come to rescue the world (by world I mean my three dozen readers) from this dreaded concept called boredom.

So I went for a walk. Not a real walk, I’m too lazy for that. Instead, I decided to stroll around the Phillies Blogosphere to check out what other bloggers had to say with the Phillies’ recent success. I found some up beat articles, some interesting takes on the Phils place in history and even a concerned writer for Roy Halladay.

Whether you’re at work, at home, on the deck drinking a beer or in a meeting secretly looking at your phone, I put together a handful of other blog posts around the Phillies blogosphere you should check out:

Phillies Nation – “Is Something Wrong With Roy Halladay?” – Jonathan Nisula

Nisula’s piece was incredibly interesting. As some have noticed, Halladay has appeared to be gassed in each of his starts, coincidentally following the day he almost perished in Wrigley last month. But Nisula pointed out that Halladay is in the middle of his annual slow month and that things will get brighter for Doc.

Crashburn Alley – “The 2011 Phillies and Their Place In History” – Ryan Sommers

With the Phillies a whopping 36 games above .500 and 10 games ahead of the next team in the NL, many are starting to wonder where this Phillies team ranks in franchise history. They easily boast the franchise’s greatest starting rotation and the offense boasts some of the franchise’s greatest players. Read Sommers’ article for his take on where these Phillies stand among the greats.

The Philly Phans – “Thome Nears 600 Homers: Does Anybody Care?” – John Shields

Shields is absolutely right in this post. With all the news centering around Derek Jeter and his 3,00th hit quest, many have forgetten about the game’s nicest guy, Jim Thome, and his run for 600 home runs. Thome is one of the game’s truest sluggers, nicest guys and most exciting players of the last 25 years. Take a look into Shields’ thoughts on why nobody cares but why everybody should care.

Philliedelphia – “This Guy’s Real-LEE Good: Lee Homers Again, Silences Dodgers in Win” – Kevin Durso

This is more of a recap of last night’s game than anything but Philliedelphia is one of my favorite sites to check out. They do an incredible job, putting a lot of effort into every single one of their posts. More people should read this site, follow them on Twitter and what not. Oh, and Cliff Lee homered!

Crossing Broad – “Morning Wood: Ponies and Rubber Duckies Edition” – Kyle Scott

I know I’m going to catch crap for this seeing as the consensus on Twitter is that Scott is a prick. And whether that is true or not, he boasts one of the most successful Phillies blogs, putting forth an admirable effort behind each post. CB’s “Morning Wood” is a daily post and today’s post is full of Cliff Lee goodness. Enjoy.

Beerleaguer – “Debating the Phillies’ worst NLDS matchup” – D. Silverman

Silverman’s piece looks at the possible NLDS match ups for the Phils. Though with a 76-40 record, there aren’t many teams the Phils should be fearing heading into the playoffs. But there are certain match ups to be concerned for, like a certain team out in California.

ESPN – “Phillies Among NL’s Greatest Ever?” – David Schoenfield

Okay, ESPN is NOT  a Phils blog but Schoenfield did have a very interesting column up comparing the Phillies to the 1975 Reds, 1986 Mets, 1998 Braves and 2004 Cardinals. Enjoy this interesting take on where the Phillies rank with those four other teams.


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