Victorino suspended three games; No Giants suspended

UPDATE 2 — Phillies Nation’s blog was wrong. No Giants were suspended. Eli Whiteside and Ramon Ramirez were fined, which is total bull crap.

Here is MLB’s statement, which was obviously released while they were high on some good stuff:

“Victorino’s aggressive actions prolonged the bench-clearing incident between the Clubs.”

Placido Polanco was also fined for being tackled. It cost him money to have a catcher put on an embarrassing display of tackling. Good job, MLB. I hope you thanked Tim Lincecum for the weed he shared with you.

UPDATE — In a blog post by Phillies Nation, it was revealed that Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez will get five games for intentionally beaning Shane Victorino with a pitch that started the brawl Friday night. Catcher Eli Whiteside got three games for his role in the fight.

Both Giants participants got equally or more severe penalties than Victorino. Even though Victorino’s part was the least of the three suspended, I’m willing to just eat the three games and get back to playing baseball.

ORIGINAL — MLB has finally come down on the Phillies/Giants brawl from Friday night.

MLB Sources told ESPN’s Jayson Stark that Shane Victorino was suspended three games for his role in the brawl Friday in San Francisco. Victorino walked out towards Giants reliever Ramon Ramirez after being hit by a pitch. After catcher Eli Whiteside tackled Placido Polanco and a group formed around those two, Victorino dove back into the pile, bull dozing a Giants coach when he said he saw Carlos Ruiz was in trouble. Before jumping in, Victorino was seen shoving home plate umpire Mike Muchlinksi trying to get back into the scrum.

The source also told ESPN that Victorino will appeal the suspension, allowing him to play tonight. Tonight’s line ups weren’t released yet.

The story on ESPN didn’t reveal if there were any other suspensions handed out. If Whiteside does not get a suspension, it would be completely unfair seeing as he initiated the brawl.

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