Postgame quotes about the brawl

Shane Victorino walks away from the scrum last night. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

As soon as the final out was recorded around 1:30 AM ET, I hit the “publish” button, closed my computer and went to bed.

But my phone kept buzzing with texts from Matt Gelb and Todd Zolecki’s Twitter with interesting quotes from last night so I know I had to look them up this morning and share them with you guys.

As you know, things got a little testy last night. The benches cleared on both sides during the 6th inning of the Phillies 9-2 beat down of the Giants. Shane Victorino was plunked by reliever Ramon Ramirez and Eli Whiteside decided to look for a fight, blowing the top off and already boiling rivalry.

Here are some post game Phillies comments and the radio broadcast from last night. L.A. calls everyone gutless:

[Audio courtesy of 700 Level]

Charlie Manuel on Victorino:

“He hit Vic and then came off the mound at him,” Manuel said. “Vic almost has to go, unless he wants his teammates to call him chicken. That’s the way baseball works. I’ve been playing for almost 50 years. He pretty much called him out.”

Manuel on Ramirez:

“I think us hitting them upset him,” Manuel said. “I think he was getting hit, he was mad and he was going to plunk somebody. He was going to send a message.”

Manuel on team’s mentality:

“We come out and play the same all the time, don’t we?” Manuel said. “Those things happen. Tempers flare. Everything was cool. I’ve been in a whole lot of those.”

Victorino on the incident:

“I had no intentions of charging the mound and escalating the fight for no reason,” Victorino said. “It was the heat of the moment and I just wanted to step forward and be like, ‘What was the purpose?’ … Obviously, Eli, I guess from looking at his reaction, thought I was going to go and he started jumping around. Obviously, Polanco came in and he tackled Polanco. I think everything escalated from there.”

Victorino on re-entering the pile:

“I didn’t throw any punches,” Victorino said. “I don’t know what happened in the skirmish. When I entered the pile a second time, I noticed that our catcher was being grabbed [by Giants 3B Pablo Sandoval] so I went back in to try to get him free. I had no intention of trying to hurt anybody, but I felt like Carlos [Ruiz] was in a position where I felt like I needed to go in and try to help him get away.”

NOTE – When watching the replay, you can tell Victorino was not going to charge the mound but instead just let Ramirez hear what he had to say. Whiteside clearly escalated the incident with his Nyjer Morgan-like antics and should see the heaviest of the penalties from Major League Baseball.

Here is the Giants’ side to the story:

Carlos Beltran on Jimmy Rollins’ second stolen base with a six-run lead:

“I wouldn’t have done it.”

Beltran when asked if it offended the Giants:

“You should ask Jimmy Rollins about that.”

NOTE – Many speculated Rollins’ 2nd stolen base of the game coming with a six-run lead in the 6th was what ultimately set off Ramirez and the brawl.

Whiteside on the pitch:

“I just called for a fastball inside and it was a little too far inside”

UPDATE: Jimmy Rollins weighed in on the stolen base in the 6th and basically said what all logical people were thinking — that the Giants should not have been upset at him for taking the base with a six-run lead at that point in the game:

“Two things,” he said. “Either Charlie (Manuel) stops me or they don’t hold me on. When you’re holding the guy on you’re still playing the game. You’re not conceding. If you concede the running part of the game, then I’ll concede the running part of the game. If you’re holding me on you’re saying, ‘We’re still playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played.’

“You’ve got 12 outs (remaining). In the seventh inning obviously I’m not going to run. But in the sixth inning? When we don’t want guys to run our bench coach (Pete Mackanin) tells Ryan (Howard) to back up, play behind him or whatever. OK, the running game is off. The running game usually stops after the sixth or if it’s just way out of hand early. Like if it’s 7-0 in the second or third inning you don’t run. I understand the gentleman’s code, but if you’ve got 12 outs to work with? I’ve got the green light. It’s on until they take it off or you take it off.”


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