Lidge returns; Baez gets axed

Brad Lidge is back in red pinstripes. And it came at the cost of Danys Baez.

Lidge, who had been battling elbow and shoulder problems this off season before getting surgery to repair the problems, has worked his way up to being ready, pitching very impressively the past couple days heading up to his return.

Baez was 2-4 with a 6.25 ERA in 29 appearances this season. He went 5-8 with a 5.81 ERA in 80 games over the past two seasons for the Phillies.

Matt Gelb, who has turned into one of my favorite writers ever the past year, hit the nail on the head once again. I wonder how many more idiots will attack him for this tweet. – you know, the same idiots who attacked him for “jinxing” one of our aces’ no-no in the 6th.

The second part was in reference to the five innings he pitched in the 19-inning game against the Reds in May.

OSWALT PROGRESSING — John Salisbury tweeted 15 minutes ago that Oswalt is progressing well:

Roy Oswalt is picking up rehab pace. He is pitching to hitters Mayberry, Brown, Francisco and Valdez right now at CBP

Good news as Vance Worley’s name is being tossed around as trade bait for Hunter Pence or Carlos Beltran.


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