Bring your mullets… it’s 80’s Night at CBP

Seriously, who doesn’t love the 80’s?! I know TTB’s own Dan MacNeal has popped some 80’s wood today and is rockin’ his old Hulkamania costume. [Somewhere, Dan really hates me now]

Or remember that time we thought JibJab was cool?

The Phillies are celebrating the wonderful decade, which despite being born in, I’m thankful is nothing more than just a bad memory both musically and stylistically.

One of the big appeals to any type of throwback night is, well, the jerseys! Here are the pictures from the Majestic page on Facebook. The names and numbers will be on the back of the jerseys.

Check out Crossing Broad’s post on the logo.


2 thoughts on “Bring your mullets… it’s 80’s Night at CBP

  1. Brian McCollum

    HAAAAAAAA! Dan, a very flattering picture of you.

  2. amstacks44

    I freaking love the picture of Spatch. I’m sure he loves that you posted it too, hahahaha.

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