BMac: Phillies Prospects Poster: Get Yours Today!

Brian McCollum is an administrator at TTB as well as running his own Phillies blog, “Holly KK! It’s the Phils.” Featured today is a post and some PhotoShop skills by McCollum on his blog that he is sharing with TTB.

This limited edition print features 3 Phillies prospects that could be future Phils in the near future. You can follow all three on twitter. On the left is (@Trevmay54) in the middle/center is (@JarredCosart) and on the left is (@JustinDeFratus). Under each player is their name. These pitchers could be the next group of prospects to strike it big in the majors!

I retract my earlier statement about “you can” follow these three on twitter. You SHOULD follow these three on twitter. While I am never one to tell people they have to follow someone… but these guys are cool prospects in the Phillies organization. Not only that, they interact with the fans on twitter. Moreover, they seem like very cool guys to meet in person. Now I’m not saying you have to make these three the next Lady GaGa, Dali Lama, or Oprah but at least give them a follow. They have the best job in the world: they get to play baseball for a living.

So without further adieu, I present the “Stockpile on Pattison” Poster:

Next “Stockpile On Pattison” post to feature: Michael Schwimer, J.C. Ramirez, and Philippe Aumont.

Please note: poster not actually available for sale.

Originally posted on “Holy KK!”


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