The Natch: Objections and Ejections

TTB staff writer Christian Hetrick also runs and operates “Taking the Ride.” Here is his most recent column featured on the site and TTB.

Baseball, a sport that’s all about the numbers, may have to add a new column to the box score. Right next to At-Bats, Runs and Hits, baseball may soon have to add “ejections.”

Going into Wednesday’s games, there have been 16 ejections so far in this first week of July. Here’s another concerning stat: 64% of umpires who have presided over an MLB game have ejected at least one person this season. It seems umpires and players can’t agree on anything. Why is this? Because the officiating has been horrific as of late.

Tuesday’s robbery of a game tying run from the Toronto Blue Jays is just another recent example of umpires blowing calls, and in turn, blowing games. Between missed calls at the plate and missed calls on the bases, players, managers, and teams have found themselves arguing with umpires on a daily basis. Players and managers are even finding themselves out of the dugout and into the clubhouse earlier than expected on a daily basis as well.

Read the rest on “Taking the Ride.”


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