Victorino wins Final Vote

The fans have spoken, and just like 2009, it was in the favor of Shane Victorino.

Victorino was voted by the fans in MLB’s Final Vote, making his second career All-Star appearance. He was an All-Star in 2009, making the team by the same method.

But whether or not Victorino will be able to play remains to be seen. He is currently having a swollen right thumb checked out and could land on the DL. His chances of playing in the final series before the break are slim and it’s doubtful the Phils will let him play in a meaningless exhibition in Arizona.

Victorino was on half of the Victor/Victorino campaign in Detroit. While Tigers fans were voting for their boy Victor Martinez, they pitched in and helped the Flyin’ Hawaiian on the NL side. But unfortunately for them, the most deserving AL nominee won, Chicago’s Paul Konerko.


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