Uh oh, we made LoMo mad…

Not really.

Playful as usual with his favorite Twitter following, the Phillies fans, Logan Morrison was a little irked by our warning, or lack there of, on how good this Vance Worley kid really is.

Yea, uh sorry about that, LoMo. You know, you wouldn’t have to worry about facing Worley if you were on this team. Just a thought.

With that being said, you guys really need to follow Morrison on Twitter because he is an absolutely funny, genuine and incredible guy. He’s also not too shabby on the diamond.

As for Worley, he will be sent down to Lehigh Valley for the remainder of the week leading into the All-Star Break. It will give the Phils an extra bat in the next six days and will also allow Worley to stay on his schedule and not ride pine for 10 days. See you in, New York, Vance.


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