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“Game 7: Dead Ball” out in print July 1

For those who don’t know him, Allen Schatz (@raschatz on Twitter) is the author of the booke “Dead Ball: Game 7.”

He has been marketing his book online the past few months and it is finally hitting the shelves in print on July 1!

On his site, he describes the book:

A puzzle takes shape as baseball’s World Series unfolds, but the pieces don’t seem to fit: missing women, strange threats, gambling problems, kidnappings, and relationships long dormant are all somehow connected, but major league umpire Marshall Connors may run out of time before he can solve the mystery…

Marshall’s post-season plans were to spend a week in Florida, helping his mentor teach a training class followed by a lot of sun. The vacation is cut short when Marshall gets assigned to work the World Series as crew chief, but the real reason is not discovered until he is neck-deep in trouble.

The surprise assignment rekindles a relationship with the O’Hara family and Marshall realizes some things truly are better left alone. As the games play out, so does the truth behind long-buried O’Hara family secrets and Marshall is caught in a storm that threatens to destroy him and those he loves.

With the help of his best friend, Thomas Hillsborough–ex-CIA spy–Marshall fights to solve the puzzle before the Series reaches its climax in GAME 7: DEAD BALL, the ultimate contest of survival.

Discount after the jump

In an email with Schatz, he sent me this press release:

Indie Writer Allen Schatz is pleased to announce
the launch of the print version of his debut

The eBook version has been rated 4- & 5-stars at Amazon, B&N,
Smashwords, and more…

“Allen Schatz, in his first novel, has proven a welcome newcomer to an
overcrowded thriller market sadly diluted with average ho-hum fare… I
would highly recommend this book to any thriller fan who is tired of the
same old mediocre drivel that is plaguing our bookshelves… Schatz has
proven he belongs in the writing game…”

“You might expect a mystery involving a baseball umpire in the World
Series to center on fixing games. Schatz happily has chosen to go in a less
obvious direction… Game 7 has a huge cast of characters – it is to
Schatz’s credit as a writer that they’re reasonably easy to keep straight… If
you like baseball and thrillers, Game 7: Dead Ball is a must read…”

“Simply put, it’s a fun, entertaining book that I would recommend for
anyone’s summer reading list.”

Order your copy of the book beginning July 1 on

Additional sales outlets, including, will follow in the coming

For all the latest news visit – you can also follow
Allen on Facebook or on Twitter (@raschatz).

Schatz offered up a special 10% discount to the readers of TTB. Type in the code SG4Z85JL on to receive the discount. Here is the Amazon link.

Also in the coming weeks, I will interview Schatz to talk about the book, his style of writing and other baseball-related topics. If you guys have any questions you would like for Schatz to answer, feel free to leave them in comments, tweet them to me or email me.


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