Lidge, Schneider suffer setbacks

It hasn’t been the best day for news today if you’re a Phillies fan.

After the shocking news of John Mayberry being sent down with Shane Victorino’s activation, the Phils found out that both catcher Brian Schneider and reliever Brad Lidge both suffered set backs in their rehabs this past week.

Schneider’s set back came last week. Recovering from a severe hamstring injury, the Phillies said he is back to square one as far as his recovery is concerned. Looks like we will have to get used to Dane Sardinha backing up Carlos Ruiz a little more. Erik Kratz’s name isn’t out of the question either, in my opinion.

Lidge’s set back is a little more frustrating seeing as he’s been trying to get back on the hill ever since the off season. He’s already content with the fact Ryan Madson will remain the closer once he’s healthy so he can mainly focus on his return.

Lidge’s setback is also minor. He hadn’t thrown in a few days due to shoulder stiffness. But assistant GM Scott Proefrock said Lidge will resume throwing this weekend.


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