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Free Dom Brown (vs LHP)

We anxiously awaited the arrival of slugger Domonic Brown for the first month and half of the season. Now we can’t get enough of the young slugger.

With him getting every day at-bats now, his occasional off day comes when the opposing team has a left-hander starting, the fans (including myself) don’t want to see Brown baby’ed into an every day role.

How else can a young left-handed hitter learn to hit left-handed pitching when he’s sitting on the bench, twiddling his thumbs?

Brown’s career average is .200 (5-for-25) when facing a left-handed starter, That’s a small sample size to tag a young player with not being able to hit the left-handed pitching.

Manuel showed some faith in the 23-year-old this afternoon. With the right-handed reliever Todd Coffey in the game for Washington, Manuel pinch hit Brown with the bases loaded and two outs with the Phils trailing 2-1. Nationals manager Jim Riggleman played his hand, bring in left-hander Doug Slaten to face Brown.

Instead of pinch-hitting again for the rookie, he let Brown hit against the Slaten. Brown would have given the Phils the lead on the first pitch if it weren’t for the glove of Laynce Nix, who made a spectacular game-saving catch in the gap.

This post isn’t going to be long and boring about how Charlie Manuel should pencil his line up or how he should handle the shiniest gem in the Phils organization but I will say this: with Shane Victorino coming off the DL on Friday, Brown should be getting as much AB’s as possible.

The Phils can work a healthy platoon among all their out fielders not named Michael Martinez. With Raul Ibanez being the hottest player of May (and likely TTB’s player of the month), Victorino’s overall talent in the field and on base, the two young hitters in Brown and John Mayberry and the reliability of veteran Ben Francisco, the out field can field a number of combinations and not be giant holes in the line up.

Free Dom Brown and include him in the rotation. He’s the team’s future. Treat him as such.


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