Defending “The Nanny” and adressing the “Anonymous Trio”

One hate comment from an anonymous person and I thought it was cute.

A second one shortly arrived and I thought maybe there was something to think about.

But the third? Oh the third finally pissed me off.

I will stand behind my writer 100%. “The Nanny,” who many love and only a few hate made her debut earlier today on my site with a hilarious take on her life. She compared her love life to the Phillies line up.

The post pushed the envelope and I got a great chuckle from it. But I was well aware of the consequences that came with posting something so off-collar from the rest of the site’s two-year history of keeping it newsy, clean and fun. But I had no idea my readers can be a bunch of hypocrites.

Now the three comments I got from the “Anonymous Trio” as I liked to call them prove just how cowardly people can be on the internet. I have an idea of who the poster’s may be but that’s neither here nor there.

Now, back to my main argument. Three of the Philadelphia’s beloved blogs post stupid garbage worse than this on a more frequent basis but don’t get the back-lash I have gotten. I remember clearly a site posting about professional ball players’ asses in which I commented on to be irrelevant to the game and I became public enemy number one ever since last June. At least I had the gall to post it publicly.

Another site, which I love with my whole heart, gets away with some insanely hilarious comedy that I am NOT against. I will say it now, I love “The Fightins” and they do nothing wrong at all but how is their f-bomb laced, booby-squeezing humor worse than “The Nanny’s” post?

And lastly. A site that was only as hot as dog poop, which recently fizzled, would post garbage that was purposely spelled wrong, laced with curses and insults and was supposed to be a satire on the ghetto (probably written by white boys) was loved and quoted throughout Twitter more than any crappy Will Ferrell movie.

So ask you this, one more time: why is it terrible that of the 1,176 (soon to be 1,177) posts on Team to Beat that one post is the worst thing you have ever read?

Will something like this be posted again? Probably not. But I will continue to do what I do and my other seven writers share the exact same sentiments.

We’re a small blog that has worked our asses off for over two years. A couple of haters, hypocrites and people with a poor sense of humor will not ruin this.

This rant is over. Back to our regularly scheduled menu of Phillies news, recaps and opinions.

John Russo
Founder and editor of Team to Beat
Established 2009


1 thought on “Defending “The Nanny” and adressing the “Anonymous Trio”

  1. BravesFan

    I read her post. I didn’t think it was funny, but I didn’t feel the need to comment on it. I assumed that others would find it funny and not care if I did or not. Don’t know why some people need to comment on everything but my suggestion would be to ignore the asshats and keep up whatever you’re doing.

    Hey, if she enjoyed writing it and you enjoyed reading it enough to post it that’s all that matters. It’s your blog!

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