“Like a kid in the stands”

Buster Olney captured it perfectly with that little phrase.

This is just in addition to my post earlier on tonight’s match-up between Roy Halladay and Josh Johnson.

Last summer, during a series between the two teams in Philadelphia, both Johnson and Halladay were throwing bull pen sessions. Once Johnson got done his, he noticed Halladay was about to start.

He went down and asked Rich Dubee, who went to ask Halladay, if it was okay for Johnson to sit in and watch Halladay go through his work out.

From Olney’s blog on ESPN Insider

So like a kid in the stands, Johnson took a seat and watched Halladay go through his work, and he was struck by how consistent Halladay’s delivery is, regardless of what pitch he was throwing. “Exactly the same with every single pitch,” Johnson recalled, in a phone conversation on Monday evening.

This is just some classic stuff right here. A special thanks to poster jcomey in the sports section of AntsMarching.org‘s forum.


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