Phils DFA Zagurski, add third catcher

Ruben Amaro had commented the other day the Phils were going to add a third catcher in order to rest Carlos Ruiz’s back. In doing so, they desdignated left-handed reliever Mike Zagurski for assignment.

Taking his place on the 25 and 40-man roster is catcher Dane Sardinha. The 32-year-old catcher hit .205 (8-for-40) with the Phillies last season when Ruiz and back-up Brian Schneider shared separate stints on the DL.

Schneider will be making the starts and Sardinha’s presence is for emergency situations only. Once Ruiz is fully healthy, Sardinha will head back to Lehigh Valley where he’s currently hitting .105 (4-for-38).


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