Pitching will stay the same

Charlie Manuel confirmed earlier today that the Phillies will stay in rotation. Joe Blanton will start the series tomorrow against the Milwaukee Brewers with Roy Halladay pitching Tuesday and Cliff Lee on Wednesday.

Keeping the rotation’s order gives Roy Oswalt an extra day of recovery time. Oswalt, he suffered back spasms in Friday’s loss to Florida, will throw a bull pen session on Monday.

Randy Miller got some quotes from Oswalt that he tweeted earlier: “Yesterday I was a little sore, but today it feels better than it did… You’re not able to tell a lot walking around, but it feels all right. “

Pitching coach Rich Dubee also expressed confidence that Oswalt will be ready to go Thursday.

Another reason the Phillies probably aren’t skipping any starts is because of the streak of games they have yet to play. The Phils aren’t off again until April 28, a span of 10 games.


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