Two Years of Silence

This is the symphony that will never be forgotten by Phillies fans. His voice may have been slow and deep, capable of putting some to sleep, but it was legendary.

He was Philadelphia Phillies baseball.

The summer soundtrack of leather-popping pitches and the reverberation of a packed baseball stadium was narrated by Harry Kalas.

It’s been exactly two years since the Phillies lost their voice and they’ll never find an equal replacement; but why would they want to? The memories of his epic “long drive” calls are best left in the memory bank.

He talked into a microphone and television speakers oozed with passion for the game.

A couple years later, the famous calls, as well as the classy personality that Kalas carried with him is remembered on the left-center field wall in Citizens Bank Park. Someday soon, a fan-made statue will be outside the stadium, memorializing his legacy.

Citizens Bank Park's Outfield Memorial of Harry Kalas

Whenever I get an opportunity to head out to a Phillies game, I look over towards left field at Harry the K’s and reflect on Harry. The “HK” reminds me of my childhood. The two letters whisper in my ear and tell me that there is more to baseball than bats and gloves.

Baseball gives children role models to respect. It provides athletes with an opportunity to learn.

Harry Kalas still gives us high hopes.

One microphone. One voice.

He was Philadelphia Phillies baseball.

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