The Lights Go Out on Manny-wood

I know this isn’t Phillies news nor do I care what you think (sarcasm).

Manny Ramirez has retired from the game of baseball an announced by Major League Baseball.

MLB said they had notified Ramirez of “an issue” in his drug program. If he hadn’t retired, the MLB would have suspended him 100 games.

Tampa fans only got to enjoy Manny-wood for six games. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Smart move by Ramirez, who is obviously frustrated that he ether can’t stay clean nor can he play a full season of baseball.

The 38-year-old Ramirez, a lifetime .312 hitter with 555 home runs, called it quits after an incredibly cold start with the Tampa Bay Rays. Ramirez was hoping to get his career back on track after falling from grace after his steroid allegations.

Ramirez will still go down as one of the greatest right-handed bats of this generation despite being an off-the-field nuisance. He was a great character in the clubhouse many players have said despite the rumors he was a cancer.

I have always been a huge fan of Man-Ram and was hoping his return to the AL East and reunion with former Red Sox team mate Johnny Damon would help in his road back to an elite player.

No one saw this retirement coming. Happy trails Manny and thanks for entertaining us for 19 long seasons.


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