Some pictures from today’s game

What an unbelievable experience for my first ever Opening Day. TTB staffers Dan MacNeal, Chris Bengel, Allison Stackhouse and I all partook in the festivities.

The day started in Lot K-7, our stomping grounds for Phils games and ended with joyous celebration as the Phillies scored five unanswered runs to beat the Houston Astros on Opening Day, 5-4.

I got some great shots from some pregame festivities, Roy Halladay’s first pitch (a called strike), and John Mayberry, Jr.’s game-winning RBI single.

The banner that hung from the batter's eye in centerfield before the game.
The giant flag, servive men and women and the Phillies line the field before the game.
Phillies starter Roy Halladay throws the first pitch of the 2011 season, a called strike to ex-Phillie Michael Bourn.
The Phillie Phanatic riles up the crowd in the seventh inning.
With everyone still in attendance on their feet, John Mayberry drives in the game-winning run with a single to score Ben Francisco.
"High Hopes" is still being sung by Harry Kalas after wins. Music to our ears.

1 thought on “Some pictures from today’s game

  1. Brian Jacobs

    Good stuff, bro. Nice action shot of Mayberry’s heroics.

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