Semi-good news for Utley

Chase Utley said there has been some progress with his right knee injury that is really hard to pronounce and that he will not be going on the 60-day DL.

I guess this is good news if you look at it from an optimists perspective but the Phillies will still be without their star second baseman for the first month of the regular season.

“Over the past few weeks I think we have made some progress for obviously the good,” Utley said to reporters this morning. “We’re going to continue to stay on top of what we’ve been doing. I’m optimistic at this point we’re going to continue doing what we’re doing and go from there.”

Utley also told the reporters that he has started taking some light infield work but hasn’t started the running yet. Also his lateral movement is limited.

“We’re going to kind of let my body dictate how it’s going and make progressions from there. I think at this point we want to take steps forward and not backward, and so far we’re doing that.”

Utley also joked with the reporters before getting serious. When asked who were the specialists he saw, he responded with,”If I tell you I have to kill you.”

Here are two more questions regarding the surgery from Zolecki’s blog post that I found very interesting:

Q: How much research have you done on surgery? And if you had surgery would be microfracture?
A: Again, you can talk to 10 different doctors and they’ll probably give you 10 different answers. The surgery is probably … there are a few different types of surgeries that guys would probably recommend. None of them I would feel that comfortable with at this point. I think we can alleviate this without the surgery, but time will tell.

Q: Ruben said a couple weeks ago surgery is risky. It could help, but there also is real risk it could make the condition worse. Is that your understanding? Could it make your condition worse?
A: That’s what a few different doctors have said. Hey, listen, if surgery was the answer and I could be back on the field in six weeks guaranteed it would be a no brainer. But I don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s a little unpredictable at this point. I want to take as many steps as I can to avoid that surgery and see what happens.

There you have it. Read the rest from the Zo Zone and check out this video from the DelCo Daily’s site.


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