A PSA to end Madson’d-ing

Madson’d-ing is becoming a real epidemic in this country. People are kicking chairs and breaking toe(s) all over the United States, Canada and Europe. While not a killer, it still has people in casts for over a two to three months. No good comes from kicking a chair.

For those who don’t know what the term, “Madson’d” means, a quick refresher is needed. Simply put: it is where you get so frustrated and angry, that you kick a chair and break your toe(s) of the kicking foot and have to sit for two to three months because of it. If no chair is present, a wall or hard surface will do.

Rich Dubee has found a solution to Phillies set-up man/closer, Ryan Madson from kicking chairs.

A way to curb people from Madson'd-ing themselves.

It is a worthwhile solution, I think. This epidemic of people kicking chairs has to stop. Nothing good comes out of it. I mean in all reality, you may win the battle, but you will lose the war. Cause the you may knock down the chair…. but the chair wins in the end by breaking your toe(s).

So here is the 2010 Cy Young winner, Roy Halladay to say a few words about the epidemic of people “Madson’d-ing” themselves…

RH: Hello I’m Phillies starting pitcher, and 2010 National League Cy Young Award winner, Roy Halladay and I’m here to talk to you about the epidemic that is plaguing Major League baseball players and regular people alike.

“Madson’d-ing” is not good for the health, both mental and physical. It breaks toes and produces DL Fever, another deadly disease. It shatters Tarsals [your toes] and dreams. It is not even a worthwhile excuse to release anger and frustration.

Remember the chair is your friend. You have to sit in it everyday. It probably knows you better than I know how to strikeout hitters by just glaring at them. Be kind to your chair(s).

So please, vent your anger and frustration in a healthy way. Punch a punching bag, pwn noobs in Call of Duty, take up poetry, or even kick someone’s shins. Or do what I do, strikeout the side on four pitches while playing hacky sack with a bean bag chair filled with metal.

(*winks and smiles*) Together we can end this silent killer and stop the deadly cycle of kicking chairs and breaking toes.

*Roy Halladay doesn’t endorse the kicking of chairs or shins.


1 thought on “A PSA to end Madson’d-ing

  1. Brian Jacobs

    Good article, Brian. Riche Dubee is the man.

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