Utley to start season on DL

Well this really isn’t a surprise to us. Chase Utley, who has not seen the field yet in Spring Training, will start the season on the DL with an injured right knee.

“I would think so,” said Amaro, asked if he expects Utley to open the season on the DL. “We haven’t seen him on the field yet and we’re a week away. It’s likely he’s not going to be making our club, at least not right now.”

Amaro also said Utley feels better but hasn’t really improved.

This asks two questions: How long will he be on the DL and who will take his roster spot and start at second base?

The first questions is a mystery and the second is a race that’s led by Wilson Valdez. But Delwyn Young and Josh Barfield have made things interesting and Luis Castillo was recently thrown into the mix for laughs.



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