Phillies sign ex-Met Castillo

When I think of Luis Castillo, I think of this defining moment in his washed up career.

UPDATE: The Phillies have signed Luis Castillo. It’s a minor league deal, I think he sucks and that’s all you’re going to get from me on this.

ORIGINAL: The Phillies, who are obvioulsy worried with Chase Utley’s right knee, are close to signing former Marlin and Met Luis Castillo according to Adam Rubin of ESPN.

I have one question: What in the blue hell is the reason for this signing?

The Phillies are DEEP in capable infielders. Wilson Valdez, Delwyn Young and Josh Barfield have all been putting up strong cases to make the 25-man roster and even start at second base. Placido Polanco, who is a second baseman at heart, would also be an ideal fit while moving Valdez and his rifle of an arm to third.

The 35-year-old washed up loser hit .235 with no homers and 17 RBIs last season in 247 at-bats. Kevin Cooney of tweeted that scouts earlier this week said Castillo’s “got nothing left.”

I mean this guy was ditched by the Mets of all teams.

But at least Castillo will come cheap. According to Dave Murphy, if the Phillies sign Castillo to a major league deal, they would owe him $414,000, with the rest of the $6 million he is due this season paid by the Mets.

More will follow when the signing is finalized. I’ll add text to the top.


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