Team to Beat advances!

I just want to thank you guys so much for the first-round win over “Phillies Phollowers.” But don’t go away. I’m gonna need your support this time through as we go up against Ryan Lawrence of the DelCo Times and his blog “Phollowing the Phils” (another ph-catastrophe of a name).

But first, some mudslinging:

Remember guys, Lawrence was the man who forgot Joe Blanton also won a World Series ring during the starting rotation’s press conference a month ago. Pluse he’s a beat-writer, an unfair advantage. A vote for Lawrence is a vote for Communism!

Ah who am I kidding. Lawrence is a helluva writer and a great tweeter as well (follow him @ryanlawrence21). Good luck, Mr. Lawrence even though it is I who will need it.

Vote here seeing as everyone’s complaining got rid of the awful idea of voting through e-mail.


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