The Phinal Two

And the results are in. The Phinal Phour pitted a pair of #1 seeds with Mike Schmidt taking on Bobby Clarke. It also featured a battle between two great Phillies broadcasters in Harry Kalas facing Richie Ashburn. The results in the Schmidt/Clarke matchup were very surprising as Clarke took 55.17% of the vote to win. On the other side, Kalas dominated Whitey Ashburn by getting 77.78% of the vote. Now Clarke will battle Kalas for supremacy.

I’m very surprised that Clarke was able to pull the upset. When you think of a Philadelphia athlete, Schmidt is likely the first name that comes to mind. It’s very shocking to see him ousted by Clarke. It was very close as I expected it to be. But the win is well-deserved by Clarke. Clarke embodies what the Flyers are all about. He was a hard worker and a total team player. He led the Flyers to back-to-back Stanley Cup titles in the 1970s and has his number hanging in the rafters. It’s good to see that the Flyers fans were very active in the voting for this tournament and crowned Clarke as the winner.

On the other side, Kalas rolled as I thought he would. Even though Ashburn was the winner from the Ickey Region, I knew he didn’t have much of a shot against the voice of the Phillies. To be honest when I think of Philadelphia sports, I think of Kalas calling a Mike Schmidt home run. Everyone in the Delaware Valley loves Harry Kalas. He reminds many people of their childhood since many people started listening to him when they were children. Kalas was beloved in this city and could possibly take down Clarke in the finals. It should be an interesting final to watch.

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