The Phield 2011; Vote for TTB!

The hit sensation tourney from last year is back for another go. The Phield, which pits 64 Phillies blogs against each other to crown a champion is back.

Last year, Team to Beat snuck into the tournament as a #11 seed and got ousted by a great site, Phoul Ballz (still love that name). This year, with another year under our belts, we pulled a Top 25 seed, being seeded sixth in the Salisbury Region.

We go up against #11 Phillies Phollowers (never even heard of them) and I’m hoping to make it out of the first round next year – that will probably be as far as we go as we will potentially face Ryan Lawrence of the DelCo Times. He’s an excellent beat writer and a Twitter favorite.

Now the voting is a little more complicated than last year. Instead of making polls for each round (it’s a lot of work, I know going by my tourney), The Phield commitee wants you guys to e-mail your picks. E-mail ONLY the winners of the first round to THEPHIELD@GMAIL.COM. Any other way will be void (Follow @ThePhield for more details). Voting ends Thursday at 5 PM.

Dan, Chris, Brian, Christian and myself all thank you for the support the past two years. Without your readership, retweets, link posting and promotion, we probably wouldn’t be seeded this high or even exist.

So I ask you fans, vote for us and support us. You guys are the greatest group of fans in the world and I appreciate ever single view my sight has gotten the past two years.



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